Lincoln Irrigation Company

The Lincoln Irrigation Soil Moisture Meter has been grower proven for accuracy and ease of use in irrigation scheduling for over 40 years.

With one reading from the Soil Moisture Meter you can obtain total soil moisture, total available water and total amount of water needed to replenish the plant root zone without waste.

Up to 3/4 of the world's fresh water is used in agriculture. Shortages of fresh water translates to shortages in food production. Traditional conflicts over oil resources could easily change into conflicts over fresh water resources in the future. The World Resource Institute estimates 65-70% of fresh water resources are lost to evaporation, leaks and inefficient irrigation.

Knowing when plants need water and how much they need avoids wasting water, energy and plant nutrients. Too little moisture stresses plants, too much can wash nutrients past the root zone. The skill, or art, of irrigation scheduling is to apply only when needed by plants.

Irrigation scheduling depends on soil and crop characteristics. Any water used must be replaced before soil moisture drops below a minimum threshold. The threshold varies with crop, stage of growth, soil type and climate.

It is essential to monitor soil moisture status for efficient irrigation scheduling. Curtailing water delivery when the plant do not need it maximizes yield and saves energy costs.